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To serve the public with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism with a high performing commitment to produce impactful reports that supports good governance and a transparent and accountable government.


To conduct independent performance audits and investigations to promote transparency and accountability in administering public funds and identify and report on opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies and safeguard public resources


  • Accountability. 

  • Transparency. We believe that free and open access to information is necessary for government officials and agencies to be accountable.

  • Integrity. We conduct our work and report results fairly, honestly, objectively, and independently with an attitude that is fact-based, non-partisan, and non ideological. 

  • Quality. We are committed to producing high-quality work and continuously strive to improve our performance.

Code of Conduct

Our Staff are encouraged to:

  • Preserve independence. 

  • Act with professionalism.

  • Conduct work objectively and treat staff and officials of audited agencies, co-workers, and members of the public with respect.

  • Make proper use of information, resources, and position.

  • Protect confidential or sensitive information and do not use access to information or other government resources for personal gain or to the detriment of the government’s interests

Our Team

Territorial Auditor
Mike Edmonds

Deputy Auditor   Liua Fatuesi


Audit Manager 
Venasio Lemana

IT Auditor
Morina Faasisila

leu1 _edited.png

  Senior Auditor 
Talaleu Fanene Kauimaitotoya


Auditor III
Manuia Satele

Paul profile pic.jpg

Senior Auditor 
Paul Ualesi

Auditor III
Agalelei Togafau

Auditor II
La Arny Ly Matienzo

Auditor II
Amataga Aloi-Tea

Auditor I
Donna Mase

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