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Welcome to the office of the auditor for the Territory of American Samoa. Our goal is to improve government through independent and objective analyses. We provide audit reports to the Governor and Legislature and the public about how effectively local agencies offer services and use public money, thereby keeping the government transparent and accountable. 

Acting Territorial Auditor

Tofa Sualauvi H. Su'a

Territorial Audit Office

2nd Flr. DYWA Bldg.

Tafuna, Pago Pago AS, 96799

Tel : (684) 699-5191


22-01 Customs Office Unannounced Cash Count

22-01 Customs Office                               

The Customs office is a division of the Treasury Department that collects excise taxes and fees on imported supplies based on Customs Regulations outlined in the American Samoa Annotated code (A.S.C.A), Title 11 Revenue; Chapter 10 "Excise taxes on Imports." Taxes are levied and payable at points of entry, namely the Pago Pago International airport (newly Customs office warehouse), the temporary office at Fagatogo (Tedi of Samoa Building), and the Post Office and Lady Naomi outlet at the small dock. Read full report here

Upcoming Performance Audit Reports 

Tax Office audit report  will be available soon. 

Public Health - Department of Health (DOH) is an ongoing audit. Reports will be available when audit is complete. 

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