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Our Purpose
The Territorial Audit Office (TAO) was established under Title IV, Chapter 4 of the American Samoa Annotated Code (ASAC) as an Independent Agency under the direction of the Territorial Auditor (TA) responsible for conducting independent performance audits of transactions, programs, accounts for American Samoa Government agencies and departments.

Our Service
We conduct independent performance audits and investigations to promote transparency and accountability in administering public funds and identify and report to Government and Legislature on opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies and safeguard public resources.

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Our Mandate

American Samoa Code Annotated 

Serves to promote justice, the rule of law, and the interests of the public.

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Territorial Audit Office (ASCA Mandate)

The Territorial Audit Office is empowered by Title 4: Chapter 4 of the American Samoa Code Annotated

US Government Accountability Office (GAO)

An agency within the legislative branch of the federal government.

The US-GAO is the congressional watchdog

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